Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (2024)

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (1)

This week sees the release of Chambers of Xeric Quality of Life and balancing tweaks, some changes to Kebos and updates for the Collection Log. Unrestricted worlds are now open for the duration of the Twitch Prime promotion. We're also happy to announce an extension to the Gold Premier Club offer!
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (2)Chambers of Xeric Balancing

Last week we published this blog about improving the Chambers of Xeric. Mostly players seemed happy with the balancing changes, especially the removal of scavenger runts, though opinions were more divided about the proposed methods for influencing what rooms you might encounter. We’re starting off by releasing most of the balancing changes; see below for details of which ones got into this week’s update – spoiler: the scavenger runts are gone. The remaining balancing adjustments will come later in February, around the QoL Month dev work.The proposed change to energy pools, whereby they’d cure poison as well as replenishing energy, wasn’t so well received. As it’s more contentious, and not required for the balancing of the Chambers, we’re happy to leave it out for now, and put it to a poll in future if it seems more popular.Regarding the Xeric’s Ward scrolls, we’d like to put that section aside for now, and continue working on the balancing of the rooms through updates like this one. Once we’ve had a chance to see the effects of this kind of change, especially checking which rooms players are more willing to play and which ones they’re still avoiding, we’ll reconsider that topic. We’d also need to ensure players can acquire suitable gear for the raid ahead of them.In the meantime, the following changes have been made:Tekton

  • Tekton’s defence has been reduced by 25% to make it less dependant on defence-reducing attacks
  • Tekton has been made less sensitive to return to the anvil abruptly without trying to hit anyone
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (3)


  • Vespula will no longer interact with her grubs until the party has entered the room
  • The portal’s health regeneration has been lowered to 1/3rd of its current rate
  • Each point of HP damage dealt now gives an additional 2 points
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (4)

The Ice Demon

  • Adding wood to a lit brazier is now just as effective as adding wood to an unlit brazier and burning it all at once
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (5)

Creature Keeper Room

  • This room now gives 5x points as you deposit grubs
  • We have removed the Thieving level restriction to the room so everyone in the party can contribute
  • The creature will now eat faster than before
  • The minimum time before the creature gets hungrier has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds

Other Changes

  • The seeds given when raking weeds will now rotate between the different seeds available
  • We've increased the amount of herbs available in higher-numbered raid teams
  • Dungeon layouts that don’t give scavenger corridors before you get to rooms requiring the items they drop have been removed
  • Small scavengers will no longer spawn in the Chambers of Xeric. Only the larger Scavengers will now appear
  • Left clicking on a stackable item while storing items in a Private storage chest in the Chambers of Xeric no longer stores all the items in the stack
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (6)The Kebos Lowlands

A big thanks goes out to everyone for their feedback on the post Kebos launch poll blog and its revised version and those who voted in the recent poll. We've started working on the changes and have made the ones below to kick things off:The Alchemical HydraThe Jar of Chemicals has been added to the Alchemical Hydra's drop table. This drop is additional to the regular loot rolls. The jar can be placed in players own display case found in the Achievement Gallery of the Player owned House as long as you have a boss killcount of at least 1. Alongside this, the topiary bush in the superior garden can now be trimmed into the shape of the hydra. This also requires 1 killcount for the Alchemical Hydra Boss. A shortcut has been added to the Mount Karuulm dungeon. This allows players with 88 Agility to bypass the aggressive monsters between the entrance and the Hydra boss. It takes a similar amount of time to reach the Alchemical Hydra this way as it does to running through the dungeon.

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (7)

Aerial FishingThe rate at which Molch Pearls are obtained now scales from 1/100 to 1/75 based on your Fishing and Hunter levels.Alry the Angler at the centre of Lake Molch now sells the Angler outfit at a cost of 100 Molch Pearls a piece.

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (8)Unrestricted Worlds Now Open

New and experienced players alike - join us on Unrestriced worlds to try out any part of Old School you want! Previously known as beta worlds or tournament worlds, we have opened Unrestricted worlds for a limited time in the past. These worlds allow you to engage with content you wouldn't normally, using any stats and gear you choose. When you log in, you'll find yourself in an area with chests full all the gear you could want and a right-click option to set your stats to the desired levels. You may also travel to anywhere in Gielinor. Unrestricted worlds are going live now and are expected to close on the 21st of March.

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (9)

These will give you the chance to test out any PvP set ups you want to try or have a go against any bosses you'd like to practice. The only exception is the Inferno which will be disabled on these worlds. Additionally, the 6 Jad challenge will be available for those who are brave enough to give it a go! Simply head over to the Yellow Portal just outside and West of the starting area. This also happens to be right infront of the free-for-all portal should you wish to try your hand at PvP without restrictions. This is the perfect chance to practice your skills or start learning to PK.

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (10)

The rest of Gielinor is also open so feel free to explore and engage with all the content that's out there with any levels and equipment! Note that progress is not saved on these worlds so your character will be temporary and reset each time they log in.

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (11)Premier Club Gold
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (12)

Following its continued popularity, we're extending the Gold Premier Club membership package's availability! For more information on our best value membership offer, head over to this page.

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (13)Collection Log Changes
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (14)

Since we released the Collection Log in early December, many of you have begun the enormous task of completing as many sections as possible. As you are enjoying this so much, we've listened to your feedback and added some more! If you currently own any of the recently added items below or their variants already, they should be automatically marked off in the log. If anything is missed, let us know!

  • Metal boots from Bronze to Rune were added to the Slayer group
  • The Graceful set was added to the Rooftop Agility group. We chose not to add all variations of the set because you’re able to recolour the same pieces and sell them back
  • Xeric's Talisman was added to the Miscellaneous group
  • The Crab Claw & Helm were added to the Miscellaneous group
  • Tower of Life satchels and the flask were added to a new "Tower of Life" group under Miscellanous tab
  • The Chompy Chick pet was added to the Bird Hunting group. This already exists under Pets but was duplicated to show on both tabs
  • A high gamble counter in the Barbarian Assault group
  • Zombie boots were added to the Random Event group
  • Fossil Island note pages were added to their own group
  • A new group called My Notes was added. These are pages acquired from killing monsters in the Barbarian Dungeon near the outpost
  • Mystic robes and the Granite Helm were moved from Miscellaneous to the Slayer group
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (15)Looting Bag Mechanics - UIM

We are aware of the Looting Bag mechanic in Free to Play which allows UIM players to store an extra inventory's worth of items. This is unintentional and against the spirit of the game mode. Unlike other similar, unintentional cases in the past, this one carries little to no risk. As such, we are treating it as a bug and have decided to fix the issue. In the interest of fairness and to notify players ahead of time, we will include the fix in next weeks update. After this, dying in Free to Play will cause Members objects in the Looting Bag to be dropped to the ground as they do in members worlds. Members objects dropped this way will act as all other dropped items do.

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (16)In Other News
  • A stretching issue with the Ferocious gloves and Torag's platelegs was fixed
  • The Ferocious gloves now provide protection when picking Belladonna
  • Edmond's hand has now been re-attached to his wrist
  • A spelling error when Slayer masters remind you of your task progress was fixed
  • A grammar error in the Hydra pet's dialogue has been fixed
  • The Wintertodt timer no longer has a rogue 0 when showing ther are 10 seconds remaining
  • A typo has been fixed in the compost bin options
  • The range icon has been removed from the world map for the Fishing Platform because the scenery doesn't act as a range
  • The Arceuus essence mine now has a handy chisel spawn
  • Tool Leprechauns now let you remove all your compost in banknote form so you can fill your Bottomless buckets more conveniently. This option is also offered for empty buckets and Plant cures
  • A typo in dialogue during King's Ransom has been fixed
  • The water sink at the Sinclair Mansion has been unclogged and now works properly
Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (17)

Discuss this update on our official forums, the community-led 2007Scape Reddit, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For reference on the above content, check out the official Wiki.

Mods Archie, Ash, Bruno, Curse, Ed, Gambit, Ghost, Gee, Kieren, Lenny, Lottie, Mat K, Maz, Munro, Nasty, Roq, Ry, Sween, Tide, Weath, West & WolfThe Old School Team

Chambers of Xeric, Kebos, and Collection Log Changes (2024)


How to check collection logs in OSRs? ›

It can be stored in a bookcase within a player-owned house, and can also be accessed from the adventurer's log within a player's Achievement Gallery and the Character Summary interface.

How do you get out of the Chambers of Xeric? ›

Once players receive an ancient tablet as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric, they are able to use it on Xeric's talisman to instantly teleport to the mountain. The fairy ring BLS will bring the player near Mount Quidamortem.

How do I get to the Chambers of Xeric for the first time? ›

The fastest way to get to the Chambers of Xeric is to use the Xeric's Talisman, an untradeable talisman which is dropped by Lizardmen. You can also get there via the mine cart system with the Lovakengj House, or simply take the long path through the Lizardman Settlement, west of Shayzien's Wall.

Does Jagex read chat logs? ›

We do not actively monitor chat between users.

Why is the T bow so expensive? ›

The twisted bow is extremely valuable due to its unmatched power against monsters with a high Magic level or accuracy bonus, such as Commander Zilyana and TzKal-Zuk. Similar to the crystal bow, the bow has an attack range of 10 tiles.

Is CoX safe death in OSRs? ›

Conversation. Chambers of Xeric has safe deaths, so its chest has nothing to do with death item reclamation.

Can Chambers of Xeric be done solo? ›

You can do the Chambers of Xeric solo or with a team. When you are with a team, the monsters HP scale with the amount of people that were inside the waiting room when the raid was started.

What are the odds of getting a purple in Cox CM? ›

This is roughly 21.4% of the time, which still results in you receive a purple in your name roughly every 29 raids. -If you were to die and lose 10k of your points in the same scenario you would have 20/140k points and if a purple is rolled 14.3 % of the time it will be awarded to you.

What are the odds of getting a purple Cox? ›

➔ Purple Chance on solos is 1/865k or ~28 to 29 raids. Megascales are ~400k points and therefore a ~45% chance of a purple.

How long does Cox take osrs? ›

Number of playersCompletion time required
5-1042 minutes
11-1545 minutes
16-231 hour
24+1 hour 20 minutes
4 more rows

How do I check my Runelite logs? ›

To find logs, do one of the following things:
  1. Open the screenshot directory (if you have access to client by right-clicking "Camera" button) and navigate 1 directory up and then open logs folder.
  2. Navigate to %userprofile%\. runelite\logs on Windows or $HOME/. runelite/logs on Linux and macOS.
Dec 6, 2023

How do I view Slayer collection logs? ›

It can be obtained by speaking to any Slayer Master. The log can also be accessed by using the 'Collection Log' option on the Slayer counter if the player has it enabled.

How do you check items kept on death Osrs? ›

Items Kept on Death is a menu accessed from the Worn Equipment button on the Interface that shows which items players keep when they die. Generally, only the three most valuable items are kept. These three items are shown in this menu.

How to upload collection log osrs? ›

  1. Enable "Allow connections" under the "Exporting" section in the plugin settings.
  2. Log into OSRS with the account you would like to upload your collection log for.
  3. In the Collection log plugin side panel, follow the "Quick start" instructions in the info tab.

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