Kalanar's Guide to Cleric Heals (2024)

The purpose of this guide is to help Cleric players select the best possible healing spells for any situation in which they may find themselves. It assumes that the reader is familiar with EverQuest and with the Cleric class in particular.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Notes and Caveats
  • 3 Complete Healing
  • 4 Tables
    • 4.1 Single Target Cleric Heals
    • 4.2 Multiple Target Cleric Heals


In most cases, there are two qualities that we (Cleric players) want maximized in our healing spells. Those qualities are: Mana Efficiency and Healing Speed.

The Mana Efficiency of a healing spell is how much "bang for the buck" you get out of the spell. (In short, how many points of healing do you get for each point of mana that you spend casting the spell?) This is calculated by dividing the Healing Amount of the spell by its Mana Cost. The more efficient a healing spell is, the higher this ratio will be.

The Healing Speed of a healing spell is how fast the spell delivers its healing output to your target. For most healing spells this is calculated by dividing the Healing Amount of the spell by its Casting Time.

However, in the case of Celestial Healing (44) and Celestial Elixir (59) the healing is delivered in 4 "healing pulses" that are delayed by 6 seconds each for a total of 24 seconds of healing. For these spells, I have added 24 seconds onto the casting time before dividing them into the Healing Amount. While this yields a very low apparent Healing Speed for these spells, it's important to note that this is "stackable" healing. Once the initial Casting Time is completed, you may cast additional instant healing spells on the same target to help mitigate the low Healing Speed of this line.

Notes and Caveats

EverQuest is quite complex. It is important to note that these tables do not account for the specifics of every situation where healing is required. The following are some specific factors that have not been taken into consideration here that you may wish to consider when choosing a healing spell.

Fizzles. There is a higher probability of fizzling when casting a spell that is near your level than when casting a spell that is much lower than your level. This is a particular danger if you have not maximized your Alteration skill for your current level or if you have not specialized in the Alteration skill.

However, the flip-side occurs when it appears that casting a smaller healing spell many times is more efficient or faster than casting one bigger healing spell. You are more likely to experience fizzles when casting a spell many times than during one larger spell-casting. This fizzling can lower the overall efficiency and speed of using a smaller spell repeatedly.

Interruptions. As with fizzling, it is more likely that you will be interrupted (due to moving or being hit) when casting a spell that is near your level than when casting a spell that is much lower than your level.

If interruption is a danger, another factor that should be taken into consideration is the Casting Time of the spell. Obviously, if you cast longer spells, you increase your risk of being interrupted or having to interrupt yourself to deal with something urgent.

Level-Based Healing. Certain healing spells (and buffs with healing effects) vary the amount of healing they provide based on the caster level. In these cases, I have assumed that they provide the maximum amount. But sometimes a fresh healing spell acquired at a new level will not provide the amount of healing listed here.

Focus Items. Certain equipment in EverQuest can improve your healing efficiency and casting speed, potentially changing the healing efficiencies and speeds listed here.

Group Healing. The efficiency and speed of group heals is highly dependent on how many group members are able to receive and benefit from the heal. For this reason, each of the group heals has been split into six separate entries: one for each number of group members that could fully benefit from the spell.

For each subentry of a group heal, it is assumed that each group member (target) indicated would benefit fully from the maximum amount of healing that the spell can provide. However, experienced Clerics know that it is rarely the case that all your group members are both a) close enough to receive a group heal, and b) injured enough to benefit from the maximum amount of healing that the spell can provide.

In evaluating the efficiency and speed of group heals, I have found that it is often prudent to assume that (at best) you will be able to heal 3 group members with the spell.

Buffs. Some spells that increase the maximum number of hitpoints for a player (a buff spell) also heal that player of some damage. However, although a buff may be more efficient or faster than other healing spells, it is not always feasible to use buffs for healing since higher level buffs block the casting of lower level buffs.

Reagent Cost. In some cases a buff that can be used as a heal has a material casting component (a reagent gem). Obviously the cost of the reagent could offset the benefits of using such a spell for healing.

Complete Healing

I have used the Complete Healing (39) spell as a benchmark to compare the efficiencies and speeds of other spells in some cases. In many ways, this is still the pre-eminent Cleric healing spell since it has the capacity to heal as many hitpoints as players can (currently) have in exactly 10 seconds.

Under ideal situations, it can be more efficient and faster than any other spell we possess. As such, I have listed it first on both the Healing Efficiency and Healing Speed tables. However, its long casting time (10 seconds) and cost (400 mana) often result in it not being the best heal for a given situation.

In fact, at the level it is attained (39), a Cleric must heal over 932 hitpoints of damage for it to be more mana efficient than Superior Healing and over 1296 hitpoints of damage for it be faster than Superior Heal. And this amount of healing is often not practicable or safe for players around this level.


Single Target Cleric Heals

Level Spell Name Casting Time Heal Amount Mana Cost Mana Efficiency CH More Efficient Healing Speed CH Faster
1 Courage 2 20 12 1.67 668 10 100
1 Minor Healing 1 10 10 1 400 10 100
5 Light Healing 2 35 25 1.4 560 17.5 175
9 Center 4 85 40 2.13 852 21.25 213
14 Healing 3 100 60 1.67 668 33.33 334
14 Symbol of Transal 3.5 73 55 1.33 532 20.86 209
19 Daring 2.5 115 60 1.92 768 46 460
24 Greater Healing 3.75 300 150 2.0 800 80 800
24 Symbol of Ryltan 4 158 111 1.42 568 39.5 395
24 Bravery 2.75 150 70 2.14 ? 50.9 ?
34 Superior Healing 4.5 583 250 2.33 932 129.56 1296
34 Symbol of Pinzarn 4.5 307 200 1.53 612 68.22 683
34 Valor 3 200 90 2.22 888 66.67 667
39 Complete Healing 10 NA 400 NA NA NA NA
44 Celestial Healing 4 720 225 3.2 1280 25.71 257
44 Resolution 3.5 250 110 2.27 908 71.43 715
44 Symbol of Naltron 5 525 315 1.67 668 105 1050
51 Remedy 3 483 175 2.76 1104 161 1610
52 Heroism 3.5 400 140 2.86 1144 114.29 1143
53 Divine Light 4.5 910 350 2.6 1040 202.22 2023
54 Symbol of Marzin 5 700 350 2 800 140 1400
59 Celestial Elixir 4 1200 300 4 1600 42.86 429
60 Aegolism 14 1100 750 1.47 588 78.57 786

Multiple Target Cleric Heals

Level Spell Name Casting Time Heal Amount Mana Cost Mana Efficiency Healing Speed
34 Word of Health 1 Target 3 100 180 0.56 33.33
34 Word of Health 2 Targets 3 200 180 1.11 66.67
34 Word of Health 3 Targets 3 300 180 1.67 100
34 Word of Health 4 Targets 3 400 180 2.22 133.33
34 Word of Health 5 Targets 3 500 180 2.78 166.67
34 Word of Health 6 Targets 3 600 180 3.33 200
49 Word of Healing 1 Target 4 500 600 0.83 125
49 Word of Healing 2 Targets 4 1000 600 1.67 250
49 Word of Healing 3 Targets 4 1500 600 2.5 375
49 Word of Healing 4 Targets 4 2000 600 3.33 500
49 Word of Healing 5 Targets 4 2500 600 4.17 625
49 Word of Healing 6 Targets 4 3000 600 5 750
52 Heroic Bond 1 Target 3.5 400 420 0.95 114.29
52 Heroic Bond 2 Targets 3.5 800 420 1.90 228.57
52 Heroic Bond 3 Targets 3.5 1200 420 2.86 342.86
52 Heroic Bond 4 Targets 3.5 1600 420 3.81 457.14
52 Heroic Bond 5 Targets 3.5 2000 420 4.76 571.43
52 Heroic Bond 6 Targets 3.5 2400 420 5.71 685.71
52 Word of Vigor 1 Target 4.25 620 750 0.83 145.88
52 Word of Vigor 2 Targets 4.25 1240 750 1.65 291.76
52 Word of Vigor 3 Targets 4.25 1860 750 2.48 437.64
52 Word of Vigor 4 Targets 4.25 2480 750 3.31 583.53
52 Word of Vigor 5 Targets 4.25 3100 750 4.13 729.41
52 Word of Vigor 6 Targets 4.25 3720 750 4.96 875.29
57 Word of Restoration 1 Target 4.5 750 900 0.83 166.67
57 Word of Restoration 2 Targets 4.5 1500 900 1.67 333.33
57 Word of Restoration 3 Targets 4.5 2250 900 2.5 500
57 Word of Restoration 4 Targets 4.5 3000 900 3.33 666.67
57 Word of Restoration 5 Targets 4.5 3750 900 4.17 833.33
57 Word of Restoration 6 Targets 4.5 4500 900 5 1000
58 Naltron's Mark 1 Target 6 446 500 0.89 74.33
58 Naltron's Mark 2 Targets 6 892 500 1.78 148.66
58 Naltron's Mark 3 Targets 6 1338 500 2.68 223
58 Naltron's Mark 4 Targets 6 1784 500 3.50 297.33
58 Naltron's Mark 5 Targets 6 2230 500 4.46 371.67
58 Naltron's Mark 6 Targets 6 2676 500 5.35 446
60 Word of Redemption (Group Complete Heal) 12 NA 1100 NA NA

Table Key:

  • Level - The level at which the spell is attained.
  • Spell Name - The name of the spell.
  • Casting Time - The number of seconds it takes to cast the spell.
  • Heal Amount - The maximum number of hitpoints of damage than can be healed by the spell.
  • Mana Cost - The number of points of mana used to cast the spell.
  • Mana Efficiency - The Heal Amount divided by the Mana Cost. Higher values represent more efficiency.
  • CH More Efficient - If you are healing more than this number of hitpoints of damage, Complete Healing would be more mana efficient than the listed spell. (Mana Efficiency x 400)
  • Healing Speed - The Heal Amount divided by the Casting Time. This is the "Healing per Second," which can be compared to the "Damage per Second" (DPS) being dealt to the player. Higher values represent faster healing.
  • CH Faster - If you are healing more than this number of hitpoints of damage, Complete Healing would be faster than the listed spell. (Healing Speed x 10)

- Kalanar of E'ci

Kalanar's Guide to Cleric Heals (2024)


What is the best cleric archetype for healing? ›

Clerics of the Peace Domain are among the best healing party members in all of D&D. A subclass that focuses on the bonds of one's party, these clerics can improve the saving throws of their allies, and even allow them to take hits for each other.

How to heal yourself as a cleric dark and darker? ›

Clerics have a basic healing spell that doesn't take too much knowledge to cast, though it does take time. You may also get lucky and find a shrine of healing, a green stone altar of sorts with a statue in the center and a glowing ball of green energy. Interact with these to heal yourself completely.

How do clerics heal? ›

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to heal the badly injured. As an action, you present your holy symbol and evoke healing energy that can restore a number of hit points equal to five times your cleric level. Choose any creatures within 30 feet of you, and divide those hit points among them.

Is Paladin or cleric better for healing? ›

While the paladin and cleric spell lists do overlap, clerics get more and better healing spells by default. However, both get access to spells via their subclass that can mitigate this.

Which cleric domains heal? ›

Life domain clerics are easily the best healers in Dungeons & Dragons. If a player wants to focus entirely on healing their party, then this is the best possible choice.

What are the healing archetypes? ›

The common element in story and therapy is the archetype. It is through the transformative archetypal energy that change and healing takes place. Archetype contains the numen of transformation for healing whether it be contained in story, or in the lives of our clients or within our own lives.

How many times can a cleric heal? ›

How often can a cleric use "cure wounds" in D&D 5E? As many times as they have the slots to do so and the actions in the turn. If a 20th level cleric wants to cast only cure wounds they may cast it 22 times with all of the spell slots.

What cleric spell does the most damage? ›

You definitely don't have to choose between a fun claric build and a character who does good damage, as these spells are a testament to.
  1. 1 Harm.
  2. 2 Insect Plague. ...
  3. 3 Firestorm. ...
  4. 4 Toll Of The Dead. ...
  5. 5 Inflict Wounds. ...
  6. 6 Spiritual Weapon. ...
  7. 7 Sunbeam. Great For Caves. ...
  8. 8 Guiding Bolt. It May Not Be A Magic Missile, But... ...
Feb 22, 2024

Can clerics cure blindness? ›

But a 5th-level cleric can cast the remove blindness/deafness 3rd-level spell which can cure the blind (regardless of how that creature came to be blind, so long as they actually still have eyes,1 and regardless of whether that blindness was permanent or temporary).

Is Wizard stronger than cleric? ›

Both get powerful spells at high levels. The wizard however, has the more powerful spells that could do great damage. The wizard is more for offense. The cleric has more defensive spells, but when the party needs help, the cleric can heal and bring their dead companion back to life.

What class makes the best cleric? ›

The Ranger class will make the cleric better in melee, and the cleric class will allow the ranger access to heavier armor. One of the best features of this combination is that both the cleric and ranger classes use wisdom for their spellcasting.

What class is best for healing 5e? ›

So iconic that it's in the SRD, the Life Domain Cleric is the iconic healbot, and they're favored to win across the board. With the best healing spells in the game, and subclass features like Disciple of Life and Channel Divinity: Preserve Life.

What is the best cleric subclass? ›

Arcane Mastery lets them automatically learn and prepare up to four high-level wizard spells, including D&D 5e's unmatched Wish. All that makes the Arcana Domain one of the best cleric subclasses, especially for players who want to expand their spellcasting beyond the typical healing/buff abilities of most clerics.

What is the best deity for a healer cleric? ›

It makes most sense to choose a deity such as Bahamut - who is the Dragon God of Justice - as they are well-regarded and are in line with the healing sensibilities of the cleric.

What is the cleric word of healing? ›

Healing word is a 1st-level spell available to bards, clerics, druids, and Alchemist artificers. It allows you to heal a creature you can see within 60 feet a number of hit points equal to 1d4 + your spellcasting modifier. For most 1st-level casters, this is an average healing of 4 or 5 hit points.

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