Swish's 1-50 Cleric SOLO guide (2024)


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What this guide 'is?':

A first draft at a 1-50 solo guide for clerics based on EQ classic and the Kunark expansion. To solo as a cleric from 1-50 is a challenge in itself, and nobody would blame anyone for deviating at any point in the guide to do some group work!

What this guide isn't?:

A definitive guide of the quickest way to solo from 1-50 having tested all possible routes to do so. It's based off my own experiences levelling up and is subject in places to some inaccuracies due to decaying memory caused by excessive drinking/monotonous grinding!

Constructive criticism is 100% welcomed (10 heads are better than 1), and this page can be updated to accomodate alternative leveling areas:)

Leveling a cleric on a server where there's necromancers everywhere tends to indicate that getting groups even for the essential classes can be tricky at times, particularly if you're an off-peak/Euro timezone player. Therefore to make progress you're sometimes forced down the route of soloing, and clerics (as many know) are as good as wizards when it comes to the undead!

There was a thread floating around on the P99 forums suggesting places to solo as a cleric, but I thought it would be a good idea to put across my solo experience from 1-50 based on both that guide and where I deviated etc to try and help any other leveling clerics out there. There's times where I had a break and got annoyed, but generally I hope this guide is of some use even if its not followed in full.

Levels 1-5

I rolled a dark elf cleric, but wherever you're starting and whichever race you'll have to get the boat or find a friendly druid/wizard to port you:)

1-5 is basically a "stay in your starting area" directive. It's also arguably the worst levels to do - clerics don't melee well, and frustration with slow levelling can creep in!

Good natured clerics (High elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans (non-Innoruuk/CT deity), Erudites (non-Innoruuk)) can get ahead here by doing the bard mail quest from Felwithe to Kelethin. It's monotonous but running back and forth is MUCH quicker than slowly bashing wasps/bats/etc. Be sure to get a bind if you've run from outside GFay! If there's a kind druid or shaman nearby, a SoW will really speed things up!

Go to Tacar Tissleplay in Felwithe (turn right when you cross the bridge), target him and say "deliver Kelethin" and then take your letter to Jakum Webdancer in Kelethin's bard guild for a healthy reward and the ability to purchase all your level 5 spells when the time comes. To keep the running to a minimum, try to run in a straight line back and forth from Kelethin - you might have to dodge an orc or two along the way, but overall this is quicker than following the path!

Evil natured clerics (Dark elves, evil deity Humans, evil Erudites) The evils are just going to have to suck it up at this point and get on with it.

For dark elves, Nektulos is a good area to kill roaming skeletons for bone chips (which can sell for around 5pp or so a stack), or head to EC/North Ro and kill the local roamers near the Freeport zone lines. Killing bears will offer the opportunity for HQ bear pelts/grizzly bear skins which are worth something to tailors - "/auction" those in EC for some cash towards your Lvl 5 spells!

Levels 6-10

The best spot by far is the undead monolith in Nektulos forest featuring 3 undead spawns that will single pull. With your first undead nuke Ward Undead, you can begin the process of nuking the zombies that spawn there. There is a chance of a lesser mummy spawning on the right side - if this happens, shout for a passer by to come and kill it for you... they're only too willing normally:) With time these will become easier, and at Level 10 they'll begin to slow your XP rate down.

Alternatives - The area is popular with local dark elves, so if its camped there's the wizard teleporter pyramid thing with some skeletons around it further towards Neriak. Also in North Ro there is one with a selection of skeletons. You might need a partner as they don't all single pull.

Faydwer born clerics might choose to move to Crushbone, your standard nukes aren't fantastic but collect the belts and turn those in at Canloe Nusback in Kaladim.

If you're brave enough to begin in Qeynos, Blackburrow is arguably the best XP around that area. Standard nukes and some melee will do the trick!

Levels 10-12

This is a test of your resolve as soloing can be tricky for a few levels. Depending on your gear you can solo scarabs in North Ro, willowisps (magic weapon required for melee hits can use

Summoned: Hammer of Wrath

Summoned: Hammer of Wrath

Swish's 1-50 Cleric SOLO guide (3)

Skill: 1H Blunt Atk Delay: 32
DMG: 6
WT: 5.0 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL

) in West Commonlands/Nektulos. Dark elves will be thankful that it isn't far to hand in any "Greater Lightstone"s they find to the camp in South Ro. The rest will have to either trek to North Karana or get a friendly druid to teleport them and hand in at the gypsies.

Crushbone enthusiasts can continue to nuke the orcs there and towards L12 can begin to think about killing legionnaires near the castle. If you play during off peak hours you'll have less competition for mobs. CB pads are still worthwhile handing in up to approximately Lvl 14.

If you're a seasoned player, you may want to travel to Kunark and nuke the skeletons in the Field of Bone pit - make sure you get the more important Lvl 14/19 spells (bind, heals, buffs, nukes) before you set off if its going to be a prolonged stay.

Another zone worth considering, although it is further away is Upper Guk at the entrance. Froglok novices heal and frogs will flee so keep them rooted. The opportunity to make some cash is here with gems occasionally dropping. Dark elves may want to bind in Grobb:)

Levels 12-18

Faydwer: Unrest becomes much more accessible around Lvl 12. If you're flexing your muscles killing death beetles with regular nukes and managing that, you'll begin to be able to handle the Unrest trash! A good eye for when to pull a mob is essential, as mobs will roam and add. If the zone is quiet, pull to the fountain area and root/nuke the undead scum.


Najena is an often undisturbed zone found off Lavastorm. Undead nukes here will go far. Be aware sometimes pulling 1 isn't easy, but its doable!

Upper Guk: If you know where to find the saltwater crocodiles in Upper Guk, head there. The zone can be daunting to navigate but if you take the first right turn possible (with 2-3 froggies in) and get past them, you'll find yourself in an area with a few crocodiles. These aren't too bad to nuke, root/nuke is totally doable - they don't drop gems but its a nice spot that is usually untouched by others. Just be wary of fleeing crocs, sometimes they head for some angry higher level frogs.

West Karana starting at 14 head to the Miller Farm the Scarecrows can be tough at first but by 19 you will be killing four out of one full mana. Dont forget to buy a copy of Expulse Undead. There is Bonus exp on the rabid wolves, and Grizzlys the and quest turn in is good for a few plat in Qeynos.

Odus: The Warrens is excellent.

Kunark: (don't forget to bind at 14, or ask for a bind at the Kaesora ruins if under 14!)

Kurn's Tower - with Kurn's XP modifier, the path to 18(ish) is very quick! Off-peak soloers will do very well particularly as the zone is popular among Iksar and other travellers. Careful pulls and lulls where you can lead to a plentiful supply of bone chips to sell and cash loot.

Field of Bone - Well, Kurn's is notoriously busy sometimes, the pit (at the Kurn's Tower) end usually has some skeletons floating around in it, and if not simply check around the outside of the pit. There should be enough undead to keep you going with a bit of hunting.

Levels 19-24


Unrest - By now the trash will be light blue or green. At the earliest opportunity, go inside and see if you can root and nuke some ghouls, skeletons and zombies. "Invis vs Undead (Lvl 14)" allows you to look around without too much trouble. It can be busy again during peak hours due to its XP modifier so soloing can be difficult here. Once regular ghouls become worthless, head upstairs towards the fire place with an IVU on - and see if you're able to nuke the spawn at the fireplace while stood in the corner, and the carrion ghoul to your left that will walk up and down the corridor. You'll gain confidence as your level increases - just stay away from the festering hags upstairs for now!:)


Not easy but keep Highkeep in mind, you can solo the first goblin below the stairs if you're geared and/or buffed - and think about the ones further in. Also, if you're quick nuking you can break and take the lookout room to the right with some effort. Dark elves will be KOS to the guards, look elsewhere!:)


Kurn's Tower: The ground floor skeletons will begin to green out, but it is possible to continue upstairs with some care. Roamers will keep you on your toes but its still possible to pull to a point where you've cleared and root/nuke anything that's dark blue. Venturing up another flight of stairs is a bit daunting but with a successful lull there's single pulls to be had there too - just use your noggin, don't pull anything too difficult.

Lake of Ill Omen: A bit slower, but you'll find a scattering of undead mobs near the windmill. If you're acquainted with the goblin ruins (near the windmill) you'll find a static spawn there, and there's a couple of other static skellie spawns around. Good nuking!

Levels 24-30


Unrest: Continue at the fireplace, you'll find it gets easier as you creep towards 30 to kill more and more spawns dotted around in there.


Highkeep: picklaw guards might be within your reach as you climb towards 30, the lack of a new standard nuke will begin to tell however as rerooting after continued nukes becomes standard practice. Always remember to run to Ran Flamespinner if you get in trouble (the guards are useless and often dead anyway, Ran Flamespinner is the Chuck Norris of the zone...a no nonsense approach to goblins).

South Karana: Same applies with the standard nuke - you CAN kill aviaks/treants. It's not particularly quick but a Qeynos happy cleric might want to give it a go. Plenty of roamers to pick from.

Lake Rathetear: Aviak lookout towers on extreme bottom left of map. Spot"11" on http://wiki.project1999.com/Lake_Rathetear. Soloable from 24 to 28. Two mobs spawn on a 6minute timer. Use Calm to break the spawn. Its quick enough that you will JUST recover your mana before the next one spawns. Tank and spam Smite.

Rathe Mountains: Giant skeletons in the towers south of the Ferrot zone line is good from 26 or 27. Careful use of Lull will allow you to get singles or double pulls. Once you have lower level mobs like zombies stacking on the giant skeletons then it becomes easier. The skeletal monk and the barbed bone skeleton are harder than the dry bones skeletons, so be careful with them.


Lake of Ill Omen: As the skeletons near the windmill become too easy, move down towards the Sarnak fort (the opposite end of the lake). More challenging skeletons await!

Kurn's Tower: Upstairs if you're careful, towards 28ish at least you can still find skeletons worth your time.

Levels 30-40


Unrest: There comes a point where the FP mobs will green out, but still be annoying - this is probably around 32-33. Depending on your gear, at this point you might want to consider the hag room upstairs. Notably there's 3 spawns, the centre spawn can be tricky if its not a hag (I forget what's there but he has a skellie pet). Hags need to die quickly as their nukes are painful, be symboled and be ready for a war! If they stop to cast, either stun them and run around the corner towards the stairs or just take a hit, but try not to fight in the hag room itself unless you're confident it's clear. You'll find them turning light blue around Lvl 37-39.


Oasis/Feerott: Not before 37-38 certainly and only for the brave up until 40 depending on gear/mana pool, but give the spectres a go. I'd recommend Feerott over Oasis only because you don't have the water to deal with. Necros can take the spectres at 35 for certain so there's no reason why you can't root and nuke the specs - be buffed fully, and expect a few resists. Don't pull without a full mana bar!


Kunark gets a bit stale after Lake of Ill Omen as the focus turns to living mobs in places like Overthere, Frontier Mountains, Nurga/Droga. Kaesora is worth a go but as a dark elf I dodged it fearing for my OT faction, any info here would be handy:)

Levels 40-50


Feerott/Oasis: Spectres, spectres, spectres! Spectres go down in roughly 6 nukes pre-44, and 3 nukes at 44+. You'll only be able to take 1 spawn initially but 2 shouldn't be a problem as your levels go up. They'll begin to turn light blue at 46, but are still good until 50...although 48-50 is progressively slower:)

Feerott is generally quieter and with less competition for more spawns. Evil clerics are able to sell at the vendors outside Oggok.

Oasis is usually camped and is more awkward with the water element, however the gypsy vendors will sell to all cleric races.

44+Dreadlands: Ancient Combine Outpost in Lost Valley, if you are doing the greater plaguebone make sure you have max mana and health as they love to break root and partial to full resist even at level 47. The plaguebone skeleton and greater spurbone are much more manageable. BEWARE the wraithbone champion as he has a ton of HP and resists and will destroy you even as a blue con.

Levels 50+

Dreadlands: Ancient Combine Outpost in Lost Valley, if you are doing the greater plaguebone make sure you have max mana and health as they love to break root and partial to full resist even at level 47. The plaguebone skeleton and greater spurbone are much more manageable. BEWARE the wraithbone champion as he has a ton of HP and resists and will destroy you even as a blue con.

Options start to become limited, more input going beyond 50 as a solo cleric would be welcomed here.

[*] City of Mist in the early 50s is viable if the zone is quiet enough - the arena/moat camps have plenty of undead but it can get tricky trying to lull and ensure you're getting singles.


[*]Erudites starting in Paineel can nuke the undead Paineel guards in their respective areas. There is NO faction hit.

[*]It is possible to get a key for the city, targeting one of the guards and saying "keyz" will either be met with a key, or no key. You need to be amiable at least.

[*]Dark elf Innoruuk clerics cannot get a key for Paineel - seems ridiculous!

[*]General early levelling tips - if you're playing an alt, its worth farming/collecting orc belts/lightstones/etc relative to where you're starting - this obviously speeds up the first few levels.

[*]If you're able to, aim for a mana pool of at least 200 WIS as soon as you can - this will help you in a lot of situations if you encounter mobs that resist.

[*]If struggling for what to buy, https://wiki.project1999.com/Cleric#Gearing

Swish's 1-50 Cleric SOLO guide (2024)
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