The 15 Best Bridal Shower Decorations (2024)

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The 15 Best Bridal Shower Decorations (1)


The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Showers


Michela Stevenson

The 15 Best Bridal Shower Decorations (2)

Michela Stevenson

Michela was a former Assistant Editor at Brides. Prior to joining Brides, she worked as a wedding planner at Colin Cowie Celebrations.

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Updated on 06/28/23 01:07PM

The 15 Best Bridal Shower Decorations (3)

Planning a bridal shower is one of the best ways to show your love and support for the bride as she embarks on her journey to the altar. Whether you're organizing the party as part of a large group or coordinating the details yourself, the decor of the event space will set the mood for the entire bridal bash.

Contrary to popular belief, a beautiful bridal shower does not require expensive floral arrangements or extravagant backdrops. Although we’ll never say no to fresh blooms and stand-out pieces, unique signage, balloons, and garlands can also make a significant impact without breaking the bank. When it comes to a bridal shower, the beauty is in the details, so use this opportunity to mix and match different elements. Look for pieces that complement the vibe and aesthetic of the venue or a specific theme. If you're throwing an outdoor party, consider decor items made of sturdy materials that can stand up to the elements.

To help you create a dreamy shower that will truly celebrate the bride-to-be, we've researched the best bridal shower decorations with these key features in mind. For a bridal brunch, we love the Ginger Ray Bubbly Drinks Holder and the Begonia Rose Co. Floral Garland. Looking for something glamorous and fun? Our favorite finds are the Electric Crown Floating Floating Lights Balloons and the Burlap and Bling Studio Custom Confetti.

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If you’re looking for a stylish, more subtle photo booth moment that doesn’t scream “bridal shower,” then this beautiful peach ombre paper garland is a must-have. Its playful design is made of durable paper, and each flower is cut by hand for a unique and special touch.They come in packs of 10, and you can choose from varying lengths from 3 feet to 10 feet to get the look that best suits the bridal shower event space.

Make sure the guest of honor has a special seat with this adorable custom chair cover—she'll feel extra regal on her big day. Choose from a white, gold, silver, or rose gold colorway in order to match the party’s decor scheme. This whimsical piece will create the perfect spot for the bride-to-be to open all her bridal shower presents.

Nothing says “chic” better than oversized balloons. Their large size helps add a sharp focal point to the decor and creates the perfect accessory for endless photo opportunities. This custom version allows you to personalize a decal on a clear balloon with the bride’s new last name, which adds a thoughtful element to the mix.

When planning a bridal shower, tableware is a vital decor element that shouldn’t be overlooked. These blush-toned plates are the perfect complement to a curated brunch buffet or sweets table. They come in sets of eight, and the best part is that they're completely customizable–you can choose the size and shape of the plate (circle or square), as well as the text.

The 34 Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride Who Has It All

The craftsmanship of this floral garland is so stunning that you can barely tell that the flowers aren’t real. Featuring faux florals and lambs ear greenery, the garland is available in 1.5-, 3-, 6-, and 9-foot lengths. This is a two-in-one gift for the bride—the garland can be repurposed for another bridal event or the wedding weekend! It's the ultimate addition to a boho bridal brunch or garden party.

The 29 Best Bridal Shower Favors Your Friends and Family Will Love

No celebration is complete without confetti! And table confetti is a great way to jazz up a tablescape, especially if the venue has restrictions on set-up time before the party. While there are a lot of cute confetti options out there, we love how this one—which is available in large or small—is personalized with the bride’s future last name. It also comes in gold, silver, pink, copper, and black to coordinate with the rest of the decor.

The 17 Best Bridal Shower Hostess Gifts That She'll Love

Illuminate your bridal shower in style. We love how these modern candle holders offer a subtle nod to the engagement theme with their diamond-like shape. Use them to complement the centerpieces or buffet table for a contemporary flair and addeddepth. Made of metal material, these holders come in sets of three and are sure to last at any outdoor gathering.

If the shower is taking place in the evening or in an indoor venue with limited lighting, these LED balloons are the perfect way to add a touch of ethereal illumination (without the extra cost of rented string lights). They're sure to create a whimsical twinkleto an already dreamy event. Choose from 12- or 17-inch balloons in a variety of colors and string lengths. Plus, the balloons are made with biodegradable, carbon-neutral materials, ideal for the eco-conscious bride.

The 15 Best Bridal Shower Dresses for Every Style, Season, and Budget

If the style you're going for is a laid-back, boho look, then this personalized hand-painted welcome sign is the perfect way to greet your guests. Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and font colors to customize a sign that's the ideal fit for your space. Not only is this an excellent way to welcome the bride's loved ones, but it's also a sweet keepsake the bride can keep to remember this special day.

For a modern and unique decor element that the bride could reuse for the wedding weekend, look no further than this wooden script sign. It features elegant calligraphy and comes in a range of seven different colors to choose from, so you're sure to find a sign that perfectly suits the bridal shower's aesthetic.

This glam cutlery is just as fashionable as it is functional. To elevate your bridal shower space, put out the place settings in advance for an elegant, photo-shoot-worthy dinner display. The set comes with 180 pieces (including 60 forks, knives, and spoons). It's sure to leave a lasting impression on your bride and all her guests.

If the bride loves a good glass of bubbly, this adorable champagne wall is the perfect decor element for her bridal shower. The white champagne wall comes with ten plastic flutes so you and your guests can toast to the bride in style. Cheers!

Acrylic box signage is a modern bridal decor trend that we're loving right now. And this affordable set comes with five acrylic boxes with corresponding balloons to create a 3D effect that's sure to wow every bridal shower guest. The set includes 40 balloons, five boxes, and 51 letters, so you can turn it into a head-turning party installation that fits the theme.

This custom-made photo prop makes it easy to collect memories of the bridal shower. Guests can take photos with the bride-to-be and each other standing behind this fun and colorful frame. You can customize the frame—which comes in three sizes—with the bride's name and the number of days until the wedding in a lovely script against a backdrop of flowers and greenery.

No bridal shower is complete without a sweet treat to finish the party. And why shouldn’t the cupcakes have a little dazzle? These diamond ring cupcake toppers add some shimmer to the dessert table in gold, silver, and rose gold. They come in sets of 12, 24, 36, etc., up to 108 toppers.

What to Look for in Bridal Shower Decorations


First, consider the bridal shower venue and location. If it's an outdoor garden party, you might consider floral arrangements and whimsical elements like string lights or the Begonia Rose Co. Floral Garland. If it is an outdoor event, opt for decorations that are made of high-quality and durable materials to avoid any damage or mishaps from unexpected weather conditions.


The next thing to look for when shopping for decorations are items that fit the party theme or aesthetic. Does the bride want a Bridgerton-themed brunch? Then look for vintage lace table runners and whimsical photo backdrops. Thinking fun and festive? Get a bunch of personalized "Mrs." balloons.


Lastly, depending on who's contributing to the bridal shower, consider the budget and look for items within the established price range. Planning a bridal shower can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! When it comes to finding the right decor for your bride-to-be's celebration, it's all about the details. A little truly does go a long way here.


  • Who is supposed to host the bridal shower?

    Often, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids will host the bridal shower. However, it's not a mandatory obligation for the bridal party. The mother of the bride or her other close family members typically contribute to the bridal shower budget as well. It's best to have a conversation with the bride about expectations and budget before planning the big event to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • What decorations do you need for a bridal shower?

    The options for bridal party decor are endless! But there are a few essentials to include in every bridal shower, including tableware and cutlery, a welcome sign, and a designated area for photos with the bride-to-be, like the Bridal Shower Photo Prop Frame. When it comes to additional bridal shower decorations, it's the small details that go a long way. For example, incorporating things like customized plates or napkins is an easy and effective way to add a personal touch–we love The Edit Paper Co Blush Watercolor Bridal Shower Plates.

  • How much do bridal showers cost?

    Like most wedding costs, the cost of bridal showers varies. Depending on the number of guests, food, alcohol, decor, and venue, average bridal shower costs can range from $10 to $100 or more per person.

  • What is expected for a bridal shower?

    Most bridal showers include food, drinks, and time for the bride to open gifts from family and friends. Another common tradition at bridal showers is playing games.Shower games may include icebreakers, scavenger hunts, and activities like constructing a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

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The 34 Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride Who Has It All

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The 15 Best Bridal Shower Decorations (2024)


What decorations are needed for bridal shower? ›

Depending on your party's theme and budget, this could include balloons, floral displays, arches, streamers, banners, and more. You'll find plenty of inspiration in our list of wedding shower decoration ideas.

What are the things called for bridal shower decorations? ›

Bridal Shower decoration package includes Bride-to-be foil balloons, Bride-to-be cake topper, Badge for the Bride, Bride Sash, Bridal Shower Picture props, Bride-to-be banner and pack of balloons.

What are some bridal shower questions? ›

20 Fun Questions to Ask About the Bride
  • What was the bride's first job?
  • When was the bride's first kiss and who was it with?
  • Who was her celebrity crush as a teen?
  • What was her favorite subject at school?
  • What was the name of the bride's first pet?
Jul 28, 2023

What is a good number of guests for a bridal shower? ›

I'm often asked how many guests should be invited to a shower, and I usually recommend keeping it to around 25 guests if possible.

What color does the bride wear to the bridal shower? ›

Many brides choose to wear white to all of their pre-wedding events. That includes their bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner. You can't go wrong with a pretty white dress — no matter the fabric or silhouette!

Who pays for bridal shower decor? ›

Those who are hosting the shower are responsible for paying for the shower costs. This might include venue costs, the hosts' gifts, decorations, food, beverages, and other event expenses.

Who pays for bridal shower? ›

In short, the host is the one who pays for the bridal shower—or at least some of it. Most commonly, this is the maid of honor, but the couple's relatives, friends or even the to-be-weds themselves can all pitch in to cover the cost of the wedding shower.

Who sets the bridal shower? ›

The Traditional Bridal Shower Host

The maid of honor traditionally takes on the role of chief shower planner. But she isn't a one-woman show: She relies on the bridesmaids to help her with planning logistics. On the day of, the girls run the party, making sure everything goes smoothly and that guests are taken care of.

How do you make a bridal shower not boring? ›

Go Somewhere Unique. You're not obligated to sit on the back patio or stake out your parents' country club. Head to a pasta-making class, boozy art class, vineyard, brewery, salon, beach or gorgeous restaurant to spice things up and make your shower feel extra special (and worth the trip for any out-of-town friends).

What can I do at a bridal shower instead of games? ›

Here, we spoke with wedding planning experts on the latest-and-greatest bridal shower activities and fun bridal shower games:
  • Create a signature co*cktail during the bridal shower. ...
  • Create a sweet memory book for the bride-to-be. ...
  • Play wedding traditions trivia… ...
  • ...or couples trivia. ...
  • Collect date night ideas.
Jun 29, 2021

How do I make my bride feel special at the bridal shower? ›

Include the bride's faves.

This is her day after all! For example, you could serve up her favorite foods and signature drink, decorate in (or wear) her favorite color or reference a film or book she loves in the theme and décor. It's a fun way to make the bride feel extra special on her big day.

Are you supposed to open gifts at a bridal shower? ›

The decision ultimately is yours. It could be a very special moment and nostalgic and it's totally fine to do it! But if it makes you uncomfortable and you'd rather spend the time doing another interactive activity with guests or mingling – that's fine too! Looking for an elegant venue to host your bridal shower?

How many hours should bridal shower be? ›

Bridal showers typically last 2-4 hours and are not considered an all-day event. Although, depending on the type of shower you are hosting the time can vary. Most showers will either take place in the morning and serve as a brunch, or in the afternoon served with lunch or finger foods.

How many prizes do you need for a bridal shower? ›

How many shower prizes should you have? You'll need one grand prize for each of the bridal shower games you're playing during the party. If there's room in your budget, you can include optional second- and third-place prizes for each game, or reward all the players with small prizes for participating.

What not to do when planning a bridal shower? ›

  1. Don't confuse the bridal shower with the bachelorette party. These are two separate events. ...
  2. Don't post every aspect of the shower on social media. ...
  3. Don't invite anyone who isn't invited to the wedding. ...
  4. Don't give raunchy gifts at the bridal shower. ...
  5. Don't feel like you have to plan the whole shower yourself.
Aug 8, 2023

What is protocol for bridal showers? ›

Traditionally, the gift etiquette is that the guests will sit around the bride-to-be as she opens each of her gifts one by one. While she is opening the gifts, the maid of honor or a member of the bridal party will keep a list of each of the gifts opened and whom they were from.

What does a bridal shower consist of? ›

What Happens at a Bridal Shower? "Depending on the taste of the bride, the host can have some entertaining games for the guests to play or skip the games altogether," says Gottsman. The general outline is usually the same: food, drinks, and an opportunity for the bride to open gifts surrounded by guests.

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