'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (2024)

  • No, the new reality show "Vanderpump Villa" isn't just a remixed version of"Vanderpump Rules."
  • For one thing, the villa staff and cast are strangers — and forced to live together.
  • Lisa Vanderpump told BI there's more of a focus on the"beauty" of the guest experience similar to"Below Deck."

'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (1)


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'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (2)

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'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (3)

As a businesswoman, the indomitable Lisa Vanderpump knows how to craft a luxury hospitality experience. As a television producer, she also knows how to deliver the drama — and sometimes, those two things are not simpatico.

"This is not Château sh*tshow," a frustrated Vanderpump tells a pair of servers at the start of the second episode of her latest reality show, "Vanderpump Villa." "This is Château Rosabelle that I have created, and you two are not gonna f-ck it up."

Château Rosabelle is Vanderpump's latest business venture — a pop-up all-inclusive hotel in Château Saint-Joseph, an estate in the French countryside. The new series, which premieres Monday on Hulu, follows the elite guests who check-in for an immersive, personalized experience and the ensuing drama among the hand-selected, live-in staff Vanderpump has chosen to bring her vision to life.

Of course, being an unscripted docu-drama, not everything goes smoothly. But the Villa is not SUR, Vanderpump's West Hollywood resto, and the new show isn't "Vanderpump Rules." At least, not quite — and that's a good thing.


We spoke to the cast, including Vanderpump herself, who gave us the scoop on the drama to expect this season and what makes this show different from the long-running Bravo series that launched a bunch of messy but lovable SURvers into the spotlight.

Are Hannah and Marciano Jax and Stassi 2.0? Not quite

'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (4)

The easiest link to make between "Vanderpump Rules" and "Vanderpump Villa" is Marciano Brunette, a brash, top-selling server who appears to come from the Jax Taylor School of Reality TV Villainy. His complicated, on-and-off relationship with fellow server Hannah Fouch draws comparisons to the messy dynamic between Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder that made the early seasons of "VPR" so compelling.

The parallels are obvious: Marciano, like Jax, is something of a self-professed cad who simply cannot stop cheating on Hannah. Hannah, who should know better, does not know better and continues to remain entangled with Marciano as they live together at the château with the rest of the staff.

Marciano and Hannah tell BI they get the comparisons, but their relationship is "totally different" from Jax and Stassi's.


"I don't know them personally, but from watching the early seasons of 'Vanderpump Rules,' I feel like we're completely different," Hannah says. "But I can see where that can give off a similarity because of all the fights and insecurity."

Hannah points to Stassi feeling insecure in her relationship with Jax early in "VPR" — something Hannah also deals with in the early episodes as well when she and Marciano, who aren't together but are kind of together, try to figure out their relationship status.

Marciano, for his part, says he's "totally embracing" the comparison, calling Stassi and Jax "two of the most iconic characters in 'VPR' history."

"Number one guy in the group? I'll take that," Marciano jokes, referencing Jax's oft-quoted line from season four. "And she's Queen B. Absolutely."

Even though they may fit into the same general character archetypes, the couple is not just Jax and Stassi 2.0.

"That is who we are at the end of the day, but that's not who we really are," he says. "We're not Jax and Stassi. We're two completely different people."

As for whether their relationship will work out or if they'll go the way Jax and Stassi did in the end, viewers will just need to tune in and see.

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"You're going to see it play out over the show," Marciano says. "You'll see it unfold," Hannah adds.


Unlike in 'Pump Rules,' the villa staff must work together — and that raises the stakes

'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (5)

It's hard to remember now, 11 seasons in, that virtually all of the "Vanderpump Rules" original core cast once worked at the restaurant, SUR.

But even during the show's premiere season, the show's storylines were focused more on the personal dramas among the staff and not just serving food and drinks to housewives and WeHo patrons.

"When we created 'Vanderpump Rules,' it was about an existing group of friends. This isn't that," Vanderpump, who also serves as an executive producer under her Villa Rosa banner, tells BI.

In "Vanderpump Villa," no one — except for Hannah and Marciano — knew each other before being thrown together to create travel memories for extremely wealthy travelers.


Bartender Andre Mitchell likens the eventual bond between the Villa staff, who were forced to get close during the one-and-a-half months of filming, to a family bond. But at the same time, the staff moved past much of the drama that ultimately went down due to one thing, Mitchell adds.

"We went through this amazing experience together," he says. "And we can't be too mad at each other because we were strangers. Everything gets kind of accelerated."

Despite not having history, there's the implicit drama of extremely attractive people being forced to live together in close quarters while working a high-intensity service job. That stress and proximity led to plenty of yelling — and illicit smooching.

Love triangles abound, as teasers for the season have already shown, spotlighting Andre's connections with Grace Cottrell and Gabriella Sanon, and eccentric estate manager Eric Funderwhite's flirtations with sous chef Caroline Byl, housekeeper Emily Kovacs, and server Priscila Ferrari.


"I never thought that going into there, I would form deep connections with these people I just met," Emily says, adding that the cast "was very secluded."

"But when you live together, and you work together, and you're tied at the hip basically 24/7, it's very easy to develop feelings for people," she tells BI. "It was really relaxing until the chaos ensued."

'Vanderpump Villa' is more like 'Below Deck'

'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (6)

Vanderpump compares her new show less to "Vanderpump Rules" and more to another hit Bravo reality show. She tells BI the format is more like "Below Deck," which follows yacht crew members living aboard a vessel and working for its guests during charter season. It also has the old-school, high-class vibe of period dramas like "Bridgerton" or "Downton Abbey."

Another key difference is that in "VPR," there's no focus on the restaurant guests or their experience, unlike in the "Villa," which prominently focuses on the guests' stories. "You don't see any of the beauty," Vanderpump says. "A lot of this is about the beauty of the chateau and the whole experience — the flowers, the food…the kitchen. You see a lot more of the aesthetic."

As a viewer, seeing the guests is a huge part of the appeal here — living vicariously through them is enjoyable for anyone who wishes they could afford to stay in a gorgeous French chateau.


Plus, some of the guests' backstories are genuinely poignant, like Harlan, a transwoman, who planned a rebirth-themed trip in episode three to celebrate her transition, which makes the viewers even more invested in seeing their stays go smoothly. (Alas, I never really cared if SUR patrons were annoyed by Stassi and her sometimes-BFF, sometimes-nemesis Kristen Doute yelling at each other in the restaurant's back alley.)

"That's what makes this different from 'Vanderpump Rules,'" Marciano says. "It's not like we're just talking in the back of SUR — no, we're getting a job done and that's the goal. And you see that in this show a lot."

"We're bonded for life from this experience," Emily adds.

The first three episodes of "Vanderpump Villa" are now streaming on Hulu, with new episodes released weekly.

'Vanderpump Villa' isn't 'Vanderpump Rules' in the French countryside. Meet the cast and let them tell you why. (2024)


Does any of the cast work at Sur? ›

Ariana Madix exclusively told Us in October 2023 that “no one from the cast actually still works at SUR,” despite the Bravo show's tagline claiming it follows Lisa Vanderpump and her “wild group of employees who are working at the eatery while pursuing their dreams.”

Are Lisa and Kyle still friends? ›

Lisa Vanderpump's friendship with Kyle Richards came to a dramatic end on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9, so it's no surprise that the restaurateur is uninterested in hearing the latest about Kyle's personal life.

Who is the richest from Vanderpump Rules? ›

Lisa Vanderpump - $90 million

Lisa Vanderpump is the wealthiest cast member in the series. Besides starring on the show, she is the executive producer. She and her husband, Ken Todd, operate several restaurants, including SUR, TomTom, Pump, and Villa Blanca.

Did Lisa Vanderpump grow up rich? ›

Does Lisa Vanderpump Come From Money? Lisa grew up in a modestly wealthy family, but she gained financial independence by the time she turned 19. Until then, her income relied on television and movie appearances. She branched out to explore opportunities in business, though.

Does Raquel actually work at SUR? ›

Two years, later, the couple moved in together, despite multiple women who worked at SUR alleging that they hooked up with James while he was dating Raquel. At the time, James denied the claims. After she began working at SUR as a waitress, Raquel became a Vanderpump Rules series regular in season nine.

Do Lisa and Ken own SUR? ›

Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump's Partnership

Although SUR might be one of their more famous establishments, Lisa and Ken actually own and run six restaurants in total. There are four existing restaurants: SUR Restaurant and Lounge, TomTom Restaurant and Bar, Vanderpump co*cktail Garden, and Vanderpump à Paris.

Are Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit still friends? ›

While Lisa no longer keeps up with either Kyle or Dorit, she has empathy for both of their dramas. Note to Erika Jayne: em·pa·thy/ˈempəTHē/ Noun; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Are Yolanda and Kyle still friends? ›

Kyle Richards shared that it's been a while since she and Yolanda had any heart-to-hearts during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday. "I actually have not spoken to Yolanda.

Is PK still sober? ›

Dorit added that she and PK are doing 'better than ever' now that he's given up alcohol. 'That was a very pivotal moment, so things are - knock on wood - as good as they can possibly be,' she went on. Dorit said that at the time of filming PK had been sober for '49 days.

How is Lala Kent rich? ›

She has a few brands.

Lala basically has passive income down to a science. In addition to her role on VPR, the reality star owns her own beauty brand, Give Them Lala Beauty. (FYI: celebs have beauty brands because they can make a lot of cash from them).

How much is Raquel worth? ›

She first appeared on Vanderpump Rules in Season 5, helping boost her income as well as profile. At just 28 years old she has a staggering net worth that is estimated to be around $30 million.

How did Scheana lose weight? ›

She lost 15 pounds in 2019 by "carb cycling."

"Salmon with lots of grilled vegetables." The same year, Scheana told US Weekly that she started this specific diet because of one too many football game day snacks—and said, "My stomach's getting a little flatter.”

Is Dorit Kemsley rich? ›

Between their many business ventures, Dorit and PK have built quite the net worth. The couple's joint net worth is around $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That's ten times more than Erika Jayne is worth—but not quite as much as Kathy Hilton, whose net worth is massive in comparison.

How much did Villa Rosa cost? ›

In terms of real estate, Vanderpump and Todd acquired their famous Beverly Hills home, Villa Rosa, in 2011 for around $12 million after selling their previous mansion for $18.8 million. According to Refinery29, Zillow representatives said Vanderpump and Todd purchased Villa Rose in 2011 for $11,995,000.

How rich is Mauricio Umansky? ›

With all of that real estate success and stints on reality shows, Mauricio Umansky's net worth is estimated to be USD 100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What percentage of Sur does Lisa own? ›

In one scene, Camille Grammer told Lisa that she didn't own her restaurant SUR, which is quite the accusation since Lisa has many restaurants and even her own spin-off, Vanderpump Rules, which takes place at one of them. When Camille said this, Lisa said, "I own 51 percent of it.

How much does Bravo pay the cast of Vanderpump Rules? ›

As a new cast member, you don't make episodic pay. You don't get paid per episode, it is just a flat rate. It is not a lot at all, it just gets you by," Max claimed on the "Up and Adam!" podcast in August 2023. "It was $4,000 [or] something.

Which Vanderpump Rules cast smoke? ›

Tom Sandoval takes a smoke break while filming 'explosive' Vanderpump Rules reunion in Los Angeles. Tom Sandoval was spotted taking a cigarette and coffee break on Thursday as he got a bit of fresh air from filming the season 10.

What does Kristen Doute do now? ›

When she isn't designing T-shirts or launching her own wine line, Kristen can be found hosting her podcast, Sex, Love and What Else Matters with Kristen Doute, which was recently rebranded as Balancing Act with Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick. She co-hosts the podcast with her boyfriend, Luke Broderick.

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