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Who is Anna Cramling’s boyfriend? Is Anna Cramling married?


When people think of YouTubers, generally, the people they think of aren’t exactly portrayed in the most favorable of lights.

People often associate them with being overpaid, overdramatic attention seekers willing to sell their souls for a few extra likes and views.

Some YouTubers, however, produce wholesome content that is not only entertaining but also educational as well.

Anna Cramling is a prime example of this.

Most young YouTubers and/or Twitch streamers produce content that is hardly considered intellectual or educational.

Anna Cramling, however, who was only born in 2002, is very much an exception to this, and she is, in fact, a chess master.

That’s right, much of her content is based around the game of chess, and her fans can’t get enough.

As her fanbase grows, however, many admiring fans often enquire about her marital status.

Anna Cramling’s boyfriend, for example, is a regularly searched-for phrase online, but does Anna really have a boyfriend, and if so, who is he?

Here’s a brief bio of the chess master, as well as some Anna Cramling boyfriend info at the same time.

Who is Anna Cramling?

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Anna Cramling Bellón focuses on the board while playing against professional players during the second edition of the ‘Chess Sanfermines’ – @Getty

Before we look at the juicy gossip about Anna Cramling’s boyfriend, we first need to look at who this remarkable young woman is.

Born on April 30th, 2002, Anna Yolande Cramling Bellon is a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, social media influencer, and chess player who holds the FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) title of WFM (Woman FIDE Master).

Anna, who was born in Malaga, Spain, is of Spanish-Swedish descent and has embraced her Swedish roots, representing Sweden in both the 2018 and 2022 Chess Olympiad tournaments, as well as several others.

Anna is a very popular social media presence who currently has over 1 million followers/subscribers across her various channels and pages.

Her YouTube account is her most popular and most successful, closely followed by Twitch.

Growing Up

Anna, who was only born in 2002, is still very young, and yet, despite this, she has already achieved so much.

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Growing up, it was clear that chess was in her DNA, as both of her parents are talented chess players, and both happen to hold the title of chess Grand Master, or GM for short.

In 1984, her mother was ranked number 1 in the world, and in 1992, she became only the fifth woman in history to obtain the title of Grand Master in the sport of chess.

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Pia CRAMLING / SWE 25.03.04 – @Getty

Her father was a multiple-time Spanish chess champion, having won the title five times.

As she was growing up, both of her parents continued to play chess, so she, of course, began showing a keen interest in the game. She began playing when she was just three years old, and this would be the start of a truly remarkable chess journey.

Chess Career

As Anna was growing up, her parents continued to play competitive chess, traveling all over the country, and sometimes even the world, to play in tournaments.

As Anna’s only relative who was able to babysit was her maternal grandfather, who lived in Sweden, her parents had to bring her with them when they played in tournaments.

Anna loved this environment, and this only helped to grow her interest in the game.

Anna lived in Spain until she was 11 years of age when she moved to Sweden with her parents.

By 2013, Cramling was a very competitive player, and her efforts were rewarded when she received her first FIDE rating, when she was just 10 years old.

A year later, in 2014, she won the women’s prize in an amateur chess tournament in Gibraltar.

In 2015, however, her performance really improved, and she quickly climbed the rankings.

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Woman FIDE Master Anna Cramling Bellón talks with Rey Enigma during the 2022 FIDE Chess Candidates Tournament – @Getty

Because of who her parents were, Anna received a lot of media attention, and people began taking notice of the young chess guru.

In 2017, she would again play in Gibraltar in the Masters Competition against none other than her father. It was a classic tale of student vs mentor, and needless to say, the match captivated audiences. Ultimately, the bout ended in a draw, however.

In 2018, she earned the Woman FIDE Master (WFM) title, reaching a career-best rating of 2175.

As she began finding popularity online, and no doubt, extra income as well, through streaming on Twitch, Anna began competing less. The 2020 event made matters worse, and her chess career began winding down.

In 2022, however, she would team up with her mother to represent Sweden in 2002’s Chess Olympiad tournament in India. She competed in 10 out of 11 rounds, won three games, and drew four.

Social Media

In early 2020, because no in-person chess matches were happening, Anna launched her Twitch channel, focussing primarily on chess.

She would go on to sign with the Panda esports team and became their first chess streamer.

Her YouTube channel also took off, and she currently has a combined follower/subscriber count of more than 1 million people.

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So, who is Anna Cramling’s boyfriend? Is Anna Cramling married?

Other than her passion for chess and her natural ability, not much is known about Anna’s personal life.

Her fans often wonder whether or not she is single or whether she has a boyfriend. This is why there are so many Anna Cramling boyfriend rumors circulating.

Anna is not your typical young social media streamer and influencer.

She isn’t out partying constantly, she doesn’t make clickbait videos, and she behaves with decorum and respect. She also keeps her private life, well, private.

Anna has remained tight-lipped when quizzed about a potential boyfriend, and the only info about Anna Cramling’s possible boyfriend you can find online is the fact that she may have been in a relationship with, or still be in a relationship with, a guy named Will.

As far as we can tell, however, Anna is single, or is keeping her personal life very private indeed. Also, at the time of writing, Anna Cramling is not married. But who knows what the future may hold, though?


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Who is Anna Cramling's boyfriend? - Famous People Today (2024)
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